Motorbike transports

safe & convenient shipping to Cyprus

We are specialised in transporting motorbikes to Greece and Cyprus. Our forwarding service can also carry quads.

Motorbike pick-up close to your location.
Our pan-European network enables this special service: The motorbike is handed over to one of our partners close to your location. The motor vehicle, quad or motorbike is then loaded onto one of our trucks.
We use our own transport equipment for loading and to ensure that your motor vehicle is shipped safely.

The benefits for your motorbike

The safety of your motorbikes, as well as smooth and simple transport procedures, are essential to us.


Your preferred address for pick-up and delivery


Special transport equipment for that particular peace of mind 

High insurance cover for your motor vehicles

Handover of your motorbikes in Cyprus

You benefit from our strong local network in this case as well. Handover in Cyprus is organised either at the premises of one of our partners, or we deliver your motor vehicle to your preferred address by truck. Our branch in Greece ensures door-to-door service. Apart from Greek, our colleagues naturally speak German and English as well.

The vehicle must be registered for transport to Cyprus. Necessary vehicle documents and the key must be enclosed with the transport.

Please register your consignment at least one week before the transport date.

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    Our service

    heavy lift cargo handle by the professional teamwork to locate the package from the ship crane onto the center gravity of the lowbase trailer to make sure safety balance carry out in proper safe work

    Extra-bulky consignments

    We are specialists for larger parcels and bulky consignments. Our services start where other parcel services reach their limits. See for yourself – no consignment is too heavy or parcel too large for us.

    Removal service

    Do you live in Cyprus or want to move there? It’s perfectly easy with our removal service. We come to your house to pick up your packed possessions like furniture, TV sets, tables, chairs or other home items. If they are needed, our trucks are fitted with lifting platforms or other loading equipment – cost-efficient shipping is otherwise organised by direct pick-up with our international trucks.

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    Forwarding service

    You place an order from your favourite online shops in central and western Europe and state the address of our warehouse in Germany. Our service is to take receipt of your goods, ship them to Cyprus and deliver them straight to your front door.

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    Motorbike transports

    Our forwarding company is specialised in transporting motorbikes to and from Cyprus. The motorbike is handed over to one of our partners close to your location. It is then loaded for safe shipping using our own equipment.

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    Pick-up from the consignor

    Do you buy goods from private individuals, e.g. on eBay? They can be picked up from any address throughout the EU thanks to our international transport network. Just tell us where and when to pick up your items.