Questions about transport

Are there any exceptions - which goods are not allowed to be transported?

There are a few exceptions - please do not send these groups of goods to our warehouse. We cannot transport them further. See below:

Who transports the goods / is this service reputable?
Transport to Cyprus will take care of your goods and transport them to Cyprus via our own Road Solution network. Don't worry, we have been in the transport business for many years and guarantee an absolutely reputable service.

How long does the delivery normally take?

Our "transport to Cyprus" service has been calculated to offer you fast and reliable deliveries. On average, we manage a delivery time of approx. 8-14 days from the warehouse in DE to the delivery on Cyprus. If you have very urgent goods - express, please write to us separately. We will surely find a solution for you.

Are my parcels insured?

The transport price includes insurance up to 500 EUR. If you have a higher value of goods, please let us know. We will be happy to offer you higher insurance cover.

Can you help me with a very large shipment?

Our service combines "parcel service" with our "groupage service" - if this is not enough, we have space for up to 13.6m in length and 24 tonne payload.

Do you have a price list / general prices?

We offer our price list for standard transports:
If you want a pick-up / are planning a move or need other transports, please send us an email request - we will find a solution for you.

To which countries do you offer your service?

Our main focus is of course the beautiful island of Cyprus - unfortunately we cannot offer the northern part (TR part). If you want transports to other countries within the EU, please ask us separately, we will be happy to check our possibilities..

Questions about payment

Which payment is accepted by transport-to-cyprus?

We accept payment in advance.

Are the prices inclusive of VAT?

Yes, the prices are inclusive of VAT.

Are there any additional charges on top of the prices?

No, we have calculated our rates very transparently - the prices are all inclusive.

General questions

Is the DE address a real warehouse / address?

Of course, any logistical tasks can be carried out.

Is my data safe with you?

Yes, your data is stored on our server and is secured from third party access.

My online shop needs a telephone number from the warehouse - can I get this?

Of course, if a telephone number is required, please enter the following telephone number: +49 8033 30230 61

How does your warehouse know that this parcel / shipment is for me?

We need an order from your online shop that we will receive a shipment for your name. Your name should be visible in the warehouse address - our colleagues in the warehouse will inform us when your parcel arrives in the warehouse.

How do I correctly enter the delivery address for the interim storage facility?

Here you will find detailed instructions on how to fill in the delivery address correctly.

Transport-to-Cyprus, TST – Your name (e.g. Joe Bloggs)
Medipark 2
D-83088 Kiefersfelden
Phone: +49 8033 30230 61


Don’t forget:
Make sure to enter this address as the delivery address for online purchases.
State your actual address in Cyprus as the billing address.

What types of goods can you not transport?

All goods that are not legally allowed to be imported into Cyprus - are of course excluded from our service.
In particular, we can unfortunately NOT transport the following groups of goods:

  • Cigarettes / tobacco / alcohol
    Accumulators / Batteries
  • Hazardous goods (only larger quantities - please enquire separately)
    Drugs / medication
  • Weapons
  • Animal products

What documents are required for transport to Cyprus?

Wenn der Warenwert unter EUR 15000,– beträgt, wird nur eine übliche Handelsrechnung benötigt. Wenn der Warenwert höher als EUR 15000,– ist, müssen wir ein extra Zolldokument (T2L) erstellen – dies würde extra EUR 72,– an Kosten verursachen.

Does transport-to-cyprus accept deliveries outside the EU / from the UK?

Unfortunately we can only offer transport within the EU.

What if I don't want the goods anymore - or if it arrives damaged, or if I want to return it?

You no longer want the goods:
We can also send your shipment back from the DE warehouse, we would offer you the costs extra.

Goods arrive damaged:
Please note on delivery that your parcel / consignment is damaged on the outside. Please check what exactly is damaged and document this with photos. Send us the photos + purchase invoice and we will report this damage to the insurance company. We will contact you as soon as possible with a solution.

Wrong product was delivered, or it simply does not fit.
This is a difficult point, the sender (online shop) assumes to have delivered your goods to a DE warehouse. Exactly from there it can usually be sent back free of charge. But for the transport from CY to the warehouse in DE you unfortunately have to pay the costs - maybe you can agree this with the sender.

What if the goods arrive at the warehouse in DE already damaged?

Our colleagues in the warehouse will check if you take over the goods without damage, if there is damage we will report it to you immediately.

What about returns?

The wrong product was delivered, or it just doesn't fit. This is a difficult point, the sender (online shop) assumes to have delivered your goods to a DE warehouse. Exactly from there it can usually be sent back free of charge. But for the transport from CY to the warehouse in DE you unfortunately have to pay the costs - maybe you can arrange this with the sender.

Our service

heavy lift cargo handle by the professional teamwork to locate the package from the ship crane onto the center gravity of the lowbase trailer to make sure safety balance carry out in proper safe work

Extra-bulky consignments

We are specialists for larger parcels and bulky consignments. Our services start where other parcel services reach their limits. See for yourself – no consignment is too heavy or parcel too large for us.

Removal service

Do you live in Cyprus or want to move there? It’s perfectly easy with our removal service. We come to your house to pick up your packed possessions like furniture, TV sets, tables, chairs or other home items. If they are needed, our trucks are fitted with lifting platforms or other loading equipment – cost-efficient shipping is otherwise organised by direct pick-up with our international trucks.

Smart warehouse management system.Worker hands holding tablet on blurred warehouse as background

Forwarding service

You place an order from your favourite online shops in central and western Europe and state the address of our warehouse in Germany. Our service is to take receipt of your goods, ship them to Cyprus and deliver them straight to your front door.

An attractive lonely man with a bike on the beach meets the sunset. Stylish man with a bike by the sea. Travel on a bike. Travel to Bali. A custom bike on the tropical beach.

Motorbike transports

Our forwarding company is specialised in transporting motorbikes to and from Cyprus. The motorbike is handed over to one of our partners close to your location. It is then loaded for safe shipping using our own equipment.

Professional workers carrying refrigerator on stairs indoors

Pick-up from the consignor

Do you buy goods from private individuals, e.g. on eBay? They can be picked up from any address throughout the EU thanks to our international transport network. Just tell us where and when to pick up your items.